How MFA Works

In Spring 2017, Fordham IT implemented Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to provide an additional layer of security to the online accounts of Fordham users. All Fordham users are required to set up MFA for their online accounts in order to log in.

The added security is provided by MFA through the verification of a user-owned device, typically a smartphone, in addition to a user name and a password. Please watch this video to learn about how to set up multi-factor authentication. The setup is one-time only. The complete MFA user guide is available on the university web site.

In addition to using smartphone as your verification device, you may also choose to use a tablet, a regular cell phone, a landline phone, or even a hardware token. To learn about these options, please visit Fordham MFA web page.

Need Help or Have a Questions?
Fordham IT Customer Care (ITCC) can assist you with MFA setup if you run into issues or have any questions or concerns. They can be reached via email at and phone at (718) 817-3999.

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Learn more about Multi-Factor Authentication at

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