Working Remotely

The following list describes the technology and procedures you will need for a successful remote office environment. If any of the following is not in place, address your issues immediately by reaching out to or

The Telecommuting Options and Remote Office Instructions will answer questions on how to set up a remote office.

Reach out to Gabelli IT for a Zoom account for remote audio and video conferencing.

Mobility and Desktop Access

1. Use Mobility and Jabber to connect your office phone to your cell phone (see section 3 in the Telecommuting Options and Remote Office Instructions). Configure your phones from campus at or via the VPN if you’re off-campus.
2. Be prepared to:
   a) forward your desk phone calls to your cell phone, or
   b) have Mobility configured so that after 2 or 3 rings on your desk phone, calls will be sent to your cell phone.
3. Make sure you have LogMeIn on your desktop.
4. To prepare for a power failure, check that your desktop computer can reboot to where it left off, and LogMeIn is still running.

Equipment and Environment

1. Make sure you have a laptop or a capable desktop at home.
2. Establish a functional work area at home. Notify your supervisor of any shortcomings in facilities or systems.
3. If you are an employee that may have to come to campus to fix or restore services in the event of an outage, ensure your supervisor has that information to assure your access to campus.
4. Make sure you can connect to the VPN and that your access is working. See here for more information on connecting to the VPN.

Gabelli IT team members are here to help. Questions?

To reach out to Gabelli IT, please email, IT Customer Care at or 718-817-3999.