Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone® online language learning is now available.

The Gabelli School of Business is pleased to announce that we have selected Rosetta Stone as our new online language learning solution! Multilingual skills are a critical success factor in our global economy, and the Gabelli School would like to provide our students with the language skills they need to be effective and successful in today’s market. Rosetta Stone’s interactive and award-winning software creates an intuitive and engaging environment for thinking and communicating in a new language.

Gabelli students, faculty and staff will have access to the following:

  • Language Training: Reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills are introduced in core lessons, then key skills, such as grammar and vocabulary, are refined in focused activities. Speech recognition technology evaluates the pronunciation of each word and sentence, providing immediate feedback.
  • Games & Activities: Interactive games sharpen language skills, and stories provide students opportunities to read long passages aloud. Games & Activities reinforce language learned in Language Training and builds students' confidence.
  • Rosetta Stone Language Training for Apple and Android: Students will be able to continue their language training via our mobile app. Progress made in this application syncs with progress in the program, and vice versa. 

To begin, complete the registration form. You must log in with your Fordham Gmail account to access the form.

For more information on Rosetta Stone, visit . If you have questions or concerns about accessing Rosetta Stone, please contact Gabelli IT at

Other Resources to get started

Getting Started Guide
Learn about the system requirements for running Rosetta Stone® on your machine.

Orientation Webcasts
View web orientation sessions. Each presentation will range from 5-10 minutes in length and provide in-depth detail on each component of your program.

Getting started in Rosetta Stone with previous language experience (placement)
If you have previous experience with the language you are learning with Rosetta Stone, you can use the Course Contents to find an appropriate place to continue your learning journey in the program.

Mobile App Guide
Find more information about the Rosetta Stone Learn Languages Mobile Application.

Downloadable Material

Mobile App Guide_LMS Integration (PDF)
A Quick Guide to Using the Rosetta Stone Learn Languages App

Rosetta Stone Brochure