Requesting a Bloomberg Terminal Login

  • Students and faculty that have an existing Bloomberg Terminal login can follow the instructions in the next section: Logging In to a Terminal Remotely.
  • Students and faculty that do not have an existing Bloomberg Terminal login can request a Bloomberg username and password at the Bloomberg Marketing Concepts web portal:
  • Students must sign up with their university email address ending in
  • Students must answer the phone when Bloomberg calls to be verified.

Users with a Bloomberg Marketing Concepts account tied to a university e-mail

Users with a Bloomberg Marketing Concepts account tied to their university e-mail can log in with their BMC username and password. Users should see a tab at the top of their dashboard called “Terminal Access”. Click this tab and follow the instructions.

NOTE: If you are using your university email but still do not see this tab, email Bloomberg at with your BMC account information.

Logging In to a Terminal Remotely

Once a student or professor has a Bloomberg login (different from a BMC login), users may log in to Bloomberg remotely in the following way:

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Enter personal Bloomberg username and password.

NOTE: Bloomberg Terminal credentials should be used. BMC credentials are NOT valid here.

Step 3: Verify identity with a code sent to the enrolled student email or mobile device. If this information is not already on file with Bloomberg, contact customer support:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only one student can be logged into a Bloomberg Terminal remotely. If Student A is logging in and the terminal is in use by Student B, Student A will see a warning that they are logging into a terminal that is currently being used by Student B.


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