Students with an Existing Bloomberg Terminal Login

When using Bloomberg’s Disaster Recovery service, users with an existing shared Bloomberg Terminal can access a Terminal through Bloomberg’s remote access portal.

Step 1: Navigate to

Step 2: Enter Bloomberg Terminal username and password

NOTE: Bloomberg Terminal credentials should be used. BMC credentials are NOT valid here.

Step 3: Verify your identity with a code sent to your enrolled e-mail or mobile phone

Step 4: Click the down arrow to the right of the “Launch” button and select “Launch within the browser.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: The in-person user will always be able to kick the remote user off the terminal. The remote user will never be able to kick an in-person user off the terminal. For example, if User A is remotely using Terminal l and User B tries to physically sign into Terminal l, User B will kick User A off the remote session.

Help: Ignore all Citrix warning messages when logging in as they are not necessary for access to the Terminal. If  there are no shared Bloomberg Terminals available, the user will be informed that a Terminal is not available and cannot access Bloomberg until a Terminal becomes available. For additional help, please refer to

Students without a Bloomberg Terminal login

Students without a shared Bloomberg Terminal login will need to create a Bloomberg for Education account. This will allow Bloomberg to assign the student to the appropriate academic institution. Once the student has created a Bloomberg for Education account, any faculty member at the academic institution can use their personal Bloomberg for Education account to authorize the student for Bloomberg Terminal access. After a faculty member authorizes the student, the student can create a Bloomberg Terminal login using their Bloomberg for Education account.

1. Student Creates a Bloomberg for Education Account

Step 1: Student navigates to Bloomberg for Education’s web portal ( and select the “Signup as a Learner” button.

Step 2: Student enters contact information with the school approved email domain and select the “Sign Up” button. If a student creates an account with a personal email domain, they will not be linked with their academic institution and be unable to create a Terminal login.

Step 3: Student verifies their identity with the verification email. A BMC subscription is not required for Terminal access. Students solely interested in accessing a Bloomberg Terminal can ignore the BMC paywall by clicking the Terminal Access tab. A faculty member will need to authorize their account for access to a  Bloomberg Terminal login.

2. Faculty Authorizes Student for a Bloomberg Terminal Login

Step 4: Faculty navigate to the Bloomberg for Education web portal ( and log in. Faculty without an existing account can create a “Professor” account for free. The Bloomberg for Education team will individually verify each request.

Step 5: Faculty navigate to the Terminals tab of the website to see the students associated with their academic institution. From this page, faculty use the filtering tool to find specific students. Once a student is found, faculty toggle the “Status” of the student to authorize them for a Bloomberg Terminal login.

  • The Bloomberg Terminals are grouped into pools called Bloomberg Customers. After toggling the status of the student, faculty will be asked to specify which Bloomberg Customer the student should be associated with. The Terminals tab of the Bloomberg for Education web portal displays the details of each Bloomberg Customers associated with Fordham University. Students will only be able to remotely access the Terminals within the Bloomberg Customer they have been assigned.
  • Faculty cannot change the status of students that have already created a Bloomberg Terminal Login.
3. Student Creates a Bloomberg Terminal Login

Step 6: Student navigates to the Terminal Access tab on the Bloomberg for Education web portal and follows the account creation wizard to create a shared Bloomberg Terminal login.

Step 7: Once the Bloomberg Terminal account is created, students follow the instructions in the section titled “Students with an Existing Shared Bloomberg Terminal  Login”.